Allan Marshall (AUS)

Shanghai transplant, Allan Marshall is an Australian raised DJ, promoter and talent buyer with roots in dance music for over a decade. From Asia to Australia, he's smashed down festivals like Future Music and Storm while opening for internationals like Busy P, RAC, Nick Monaco, Curses and Pezzner with his signature sound of leftfield disco, New Wave and Acid. Founder of Yeti Dis:Ko and Currently part of Japanese Collective Rainbow Disco Club,  Allan has built a career that is varied as his list of home towns.


来自澳大利亚的Allan Marshall是一位DJ,活动主办 人,积累了超过10年的舞曲音乐经验,他也邀请海外 音乐人参与演出。从亚洲到澳洲大陆,Allan Mar- shall带着他钟爱的nu-disco, house, techno音乐在 Future Music, Metreyia等音乐节上献艺,并且为 Busy P, RAC, Nick Monaco, Dusky, Kevin Grif- fiths, DCUP和Shades of Grey等国际音乐人暖场。Allan Marshall发起的音乐演出品牌Yeti Dis:ko是音 乐创意团队Yeti Out的分支,同时他也任职于Street- wear Stillwart的街头潮流品牌Mishka担任创意总监 。

Altieri (IT)

Altieri is a music producer and designer based in Shanghai. 


His music is defined by Asian vibes and Cyberpunk feeling mixed with his ITALO spirits and played and supported by many international artists such as Ivan Smagghe, Optimo, Alexander Robotnik, DJ Rocca and others. Altieri is also a Slow Motion man in Asia, he hosts one of the hottest party in Shanghai and Beijing "ITALIAN DANCE WAVE Asia" to promote the “New Italian Sound” from overseas, hosting all the contemporary generation of Italo artists such as Fabrizio Mammarella, Francisco, Rodion, Franz Scala, Dj Rocca and so on, plus new and exciting artists around Asia.


Altieri是常驻于上海的音乐制作人。他的音乐混合了亚洲复古电子和赛博朋克,以及自己的意大利ITALO精致艺术精神,他的音乐已经受到许多国际艺术家如Ivan Smagghe,Optimo,Alexander Robotnik,DJ Rocca等的支持。

Altieri同时也代表了slow motion的亚洲分支,他在上海和北京举办了最热门的派对之一“Italian Dance Wave Asia”(简称I.D.W.Asia),为全球推广来自海外的“新意大利音响”,引入所有当代意大利音乐艺术家,如Fabrizio Mammarella ,Francisco, Rodion, Franz Scala,Dj Rocca等,以及亚洲各地的新兴艺术家。除了中国,I.D.W.Asia还在东京,香港,柏林,米兰,马德里等多个城市举办,现在也在中国大陆的不同城市进行拓展。

Canine (FR)

Canine hails out of Cannes, FRANCE. Having spent many years playing in many of the major local nights, holding residencies, DJing special events and promoting his own shows. Canine has spent a lot of time to develop his sound. For him, it’s all about mood and groove. Playing those tracks that get you tapping your feet and nodding your head without you realizing it, from Lounge, Groovy, Nu Disco, Deep House, House Music to Techno vibes. Don’t be surprised when you suddenly find yourself dancing.


 Canine来自法国戛纳,他多年来一直活跃在当地各大活动中,并且推广他自己的个人秀。Canine花了很多时间用心制作他的音乐。对他来说,一切都是关于情绪与律动。播放那些能让你轻松摇头的曲目,无需过多了解,从 Lounge, Groovy, Nu Disco, Deep House, House Music 到Techno。不要惊讶你会突然发现你自己在跳舞。






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