44KW is a brand-new nightclub located in 158 Julu Road, the centre of French concession, Shanghai. The club aims to present best-quality electronic music experience and push the limit of Chinese music and cultural scene. Founded in the end of 2018, within a short time, 44KW has invited numerous renowned international artists, DJ and producers including Monolake, Radio Slave, SNTS, SCSI-9, Tobias. , Nick Höppner, Fluxion, Oliver Deutschmann, Orphx and many more, in order to create an impeccable audio-visual feast for ravers.



The club was subdivided into two rooms, “ROOM KW” and “ROOM 44” and both rooms were equipped with world-leading VOID soundsystem. The whole space design featuring minimalism aesthetic emphasize on extreme leisure and comfort, have an immerse experience from body relaxation to spiritual touch.