Tofu /RU/

Tofu也是<RA>项目的经营者之一。<RA>是一个俄罗斯远东和音乐节,比如“V-Rox” 和“Unsound x CTM Dislocation”.的年轻文化聚集点。2017年Tofu和一群当地视觉艺术家还有其他DJ们一同创办了 «Disciplina»。这也是俄罗斯远东浩室和电子音乐文化的重要一角。今年7月30号他也和Nina Kraviz,PTU, Shadowax, Sodeyama, Roma Zuckerman.参与了 «trip to Vladivostok»项目。目前驻扎于中国上海“Elevator”夜店。


Tofu, also known by his real name Ivan Anishchenko, is a DJ and producer noted for nontrivial way of music selecting and performing. Also he is a co-owner of the «RA» project which is known to be a key place of youth culture in the Russian Far East and a venue of such music festivals as “V-Rox” and “Unsound x CTM Dislocation”.

In 2017 Tofu along with big amount of local visual artists and DJs started «Disciplina» pjoject which is playing a key role in house and techno culture in the Russian Far East. Also, on 30 July he was taking a part in organization of the «trip to Vladivostok» project with Nina Kraviz, PTU, Shadowax, Sodeyama, Roma Zuckerman. Currently resident of “Elevator” club in Shanghai, China.

Max Shen /CN/

Max Shen出生于上海,运营Arkham俱乐部,他创立电子音乐组织4x4x4x4,开展house/techno 跳舞运动在中国的发展,引进当代电子音乐艺术家文化交流。同时Max也是亚洲techno先锋组织Asians Vibes的DJ,跨界演出艺术家陈天焯(ASIANDOPEBOYS),艺术家张鼎的“龙镇虎斗”系列,021艺术博览会X 没顶画廊等当代艺术多媒体活动,参加“草莓” “MIDI”“摩登天空”“Intro”等音乐节“Boiler Room”中国站的演出!并将签约意大利电子音乐厂牌Digital Traffik, 在欧洲展开一段新的冒险。 

Max 早期深受Sasha & John Digweed影响,在2000开始DJ演出,迷恋John Digweed的bedrock 厂牌公司,Dave Seaman和Steve lawler等当时的英国先锋派,经过岁月变迁,时光流转,2007年Minimal主义影响世界音乐潮流,也影响着Max Shen 的音乐走向,10年来坚持德国和中部欧洲的house/Techno音乐,从Dirty House 到Dub Techno,把阴暗 深邃的Bass line结合科技之声融入舞池。


Max Shen was born in Shanghai. He runs Arkham club and set up electronic music group 4x4x4x4. He carrys out the development of house/ techno dance in China and introduces current electronic music artists exchanges and acts as the DJ of Asians Vibes for Asia techno vanguard group. He is also regular visitor of current art-multimedia activities for  interdisciplinary performance artist Tian Zhuo Chen(ASIANDOPEBOYS), Zhang Ding’s series of “Enter the Dragon”, 021 Art Fair and Madeln etc and music festival for “Strawberry” “Modernsky” “Intro” “Boiler Room Beijing China“etc.

 Early on, Max was deeply affected by Sasha & John Digweed. He began to show as DJ in 2000 and got crush on British avant-garde of the day for John Digweed’s bedrock label company, Dave Seamman and Steve Lawler etc. Minimalism influnced the music trend of world and Max Shen in 2007 through time and change. He has insisted on the house/Techno music of Germany and Middle Europe combining dark and deep Bass Line and voice of technology into stage from Drity House to Dub Techno for ten years.

Xhrandy /CN/

源于美术科班的学弋,他将自己独特的审美意识融入到其声音表演之中。当越多的电子音乐进入到大众娱乐之中,他更是将这种消遣恪守于浓郁的学术气息中,这样的固执也使得他的声音表达着严肃音乐的影子。简约却又不单薄是他给人的一种印象,“有机”是他提出的一个概念,充满创造性地结构,有趣的音色,就像轻食后的肠胃,被温柔对待的耳朵,dub的低声部总是营造安全的氛围。他在思考音乐本身的同时,也不会忽略现场表演的重要性,如今已有十余年游弋世界多地混音的经历,并与许多优秀的艺术家并肩演出,如Einzelkind,Sedee,Nikita Zabelin,Rio Kawamoto等。如今他是micro/wave的核心成员,着力于推广着以minimal, micro为中心的简约电子音乐。

XRHANDY as a student originate from institute of fine art, he incorporates his unique aesthetic consciousness into his sound performance. As more electronic music enters mass entertainment, he persists in sticking to this kind of recreation in the strong academic atmosphere. It is his persistence that makes his voice express the shadow of serious music.

The impression he gives to us is simplicity, not thinness. His sound is creatively structured with organic timbre, like a light stomach after light food, or the ear with a gentle touch. All in all, the sound of dub always creates a safe atmosphere.

Edison Shen /CN/

Edison Chen 来自上海一个灵魂 DJ,长期游走在中国地下音乐,并坚持他一贯 的风格,以迷幻风格为主,就像一个催眠大师带你进入另外一个世界。他的音 乐风格以 minimal 和 house 为主,他觉得 minimal 就像海浪一样一波一波永远 没有尽头,而且不停的在变幻。


Edison Chen based in shanghai.Music director of The Mansion Shanghai.His music style is influenced by Many great artists from West Germany and Romanian Sunwaves festival.He and Thomas Futoso has been played with Einzelkind(Pressure Traxx) at Elevator Shanghai.

Deep 19

上海优秀的Deep House和Techno电子音乐制作人兼DJ之 一。自多年前他刚踏上电子音乐的旅程开始,就一直坚持除了给大家带来能 跳舞的音乐,更重要的是将自己对生活、对情感的理解和诠释融入到自己的 音乐中。所以对于自己擅长的音乐类型,他有着更为深刻独特的理解。于是他 一直将宇宙中美妙的音符用自己与众不同的方式呈现给舞池中的精灵们, 飘 忽而富于内涵的, 简洁而多情, 他对舞曲的编排如同充满魔力一般,总能在 舞池中产生强烈的化学法应,牢牢俘获舞池中的人群。

Deep 19 has long been one of the most respected house and techno DJs and producers in Shanghai. More than just spinning danceable tracks, he weaves an emotional story into his sets, moving crowds with a relentless passion and technical expertise gained from more than a decade behind the decks.





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